In a Twitter chat I hosted in October, through, we discussed simple things we can do to keep ourselves healthier and feeling more grounded as we go through our caregiving day. Thank you to everyone who participating (apologies to those whose thought I might have misrepresented).

Below are the questions I posed with a compilation of the answers given. I hope they prove beneficial.

  1. What are your biggest obstacles/challenges in caring for yourself?

This had basically two answers: Time and not having support to back me up, and accepting help.

  1. If you suddenly found yourself with a whole day all to yourself, what would you do?

We got a plethora of responses to this one. Some were hit the gym, hit the bookstores, read, go to the beach, take a walk, eat a good meal, nap, go to Church, get up late go for a swim, enjoy lunch out and not worry about what time I have to arrive at any one place, check social media, give back to survivors, drink coffee, go out as a family to dinner, go to my son’s hockey game, and go to a movie.

  1. What if you had a half hour?

Same here. Some of the answers we got were: read, nap, meditate and evoke positive imagery, be quiet, pray, meditate and drink a cup of coffee.

  1. What are some things you can do if you only have ten minutes?

The answers to this question were: listen to a favorite song, breathe, enjoy a glass of wine or some chocolate, clean, take my puppy for a walk.

  1. Are there simple things you can do to feel healthier and more energetic, less stressed and more grounded even if you don’t have a moment to call your own? (Of all the answers we received to all the questions, I found these answers to be the most interesting. They speak to the fact that even though we may not have a minute to ourselves, we can still do things that will help us stay a little healthier and a little more grounded.)

Suggestions included. Set a daily intention for ourselves; go to my sanctuary and just . . . Listen; do things that will ground me: breathe, do a yoga position, meditate, move, stretch and be thankful for life; get out in nature, breathe, stretch, smile at the heavens; do a quick app puzzles, crosswords, pull weeds from flowerbeds, water garden, etc.

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