So, I went to a tech fair at Caringkind really expecting nothing. Instead, I got an eye-full. Such cool stuff! Gotta tell you, I was blown away. The following is a listing of who was there along with a brief description.

The Alzheimer’s Store

Has “products that are the result of modern technology and design” for those with “Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Memory loss and their caregivers.”

Alz You Need

An app “that helps families with a loved one battling Alzheimer’s or a dementia-related illness to communicate and organize their days, ultimately helping the person with dementia to live their lives as independently as possible.”


Their aim is to “bridge the gaps between medical and research and the people need it” matching “the right patients with the right trials.”

Balance App

An app “designed by the National Alzheimer Center, a division of RiverSpring Health, to help families better manage care by facilitating ongoing communication among multiple caregivers, tracking and sharing changes in real-time with the patient’s doctor(s), and learning about the disease, ” with touch-of-a-button access to the CaringKind 24-hour Helpline.”

Center for Hearing and Communication

Exhibits “technology to help people with hearing loss such as hearing aids and new features, low-cost hearing assistive devices and products to improve hearing telephone conversations, television, doorbell and fire alarm.”

GreyMatters Care LLC

An “interactive life storybook app for the tablet that aims to improve quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers. Through visual reminiscence, paired with music and games, the app helps patients and families preserve yesterday’s memories, as well as share today’s joyful moments.”

Hasbro “Joy for All” Companion Pets

The “Companion Pets are designed to bring comfort, companionship and fun to elder loved ones. With realistic fur and pet-like sounds – and sensors that respond to petting and hugs with familiar pet-like actions – Companion Pets deliver a soothing, joyful experience that inspire smiles, laughter and fond memories for people of all ages.”


A “convenient online, no-cost platform, for patients and caregivers to schedule laboratory and radiology tests and to securely track and access test results.”

MedicAlert, NYC Wanderer’s Safety Program

This “provides protection through a national emergency response service for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia who wander or have a medical emergency.”

Memory Lane

Helps “recall special events in your life by easily accessing audio and visual content from popular cultural moments throughout history.”

Music and Memory

A “non-profit organization that brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or infirm through digital music technology.”

Philips Hue

A “personal wireless lighting” system “that lets you easily control your light.”

Safe Wander

This “sends an alert to caregiver’s phones when patients leave the bed.”

Sun/Moon Clock

With his clock, “the crescent moon comes on at night and the warm glow of the sun appears at dawn to help people understand whether it is AM or PM.”

Technology for Caregiving

This has a “home screen of activities combining apps, links, videos, pictures and more. The owner, Ed Fitzgerald, will demonstrate how he uses the “iPad, the process by which he created a customized sent of activities that are of interest to his wife and offer advice on how to proceed if someone is interesting in pursuing it with their loved one.”

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