Our Story

I understand how scary, frustrating and lonely it can be because I was a caregiver too.


On October 29, 2012, my mother and father (then ages 89 and 90 respectively), were displaced from their home, courtesy of Hurricane Sandy.

Floodwaters filled the basement (so much so that initially, we couldn’t open the basement door) and water on the first floor to warped their parquet floors.

We were told that it would cost upwards of $100,000 to make the house safe for them to return. We needed a plan B and we needed it FAST.  My husband and I thought about them staying with us but with our high-sided bathtub, that required flexibility to get into and out of, and our heavy steel front door, that required upper body strength to open, we feared for their safety.   

They stayed with relatives while my husband and I searched for housing for them. The question was whether they should go into a facility tor into an apartment. So, after a family meeting, where all their options were presented and discussed, it was decided that they’d go into assisted living. This meant, of course, my husband and I helping to get my folks getting onto Medicaid and finding a place for them that accepts Medicaid straight out. Not many do!

Boy, did my husband and I get a crash course in Medicaid. Did you know in New York there are three different kinds of Medicaid?  Neither did we and that was just for starters (for more information about Medicaid, go to (our Government Health Insurance page and/or our Glossary of Terms).

Throughout our long months, we relied heavily on those who had traveled the caregiving path before us, most of them friends and relatives, and I couldn’t be more appreciative. I also turned to the Internet to help me with questions my friends and family couldn’t answer but I couldn’t find anything, not without spending hours and hours (time I just didn’t have) plus I was so exhausted and stressed that even when I found something that could be a nibble, I couldn’t appreciate the information it gave.

This website is an outgrowth of that experience.

But my story isn’t unique. Every day, new caregivers are “born,” stepping into one what I believe is one of the hardest jobs we’re ever tasked with.  Every day, people find themselves in situations having to juggle jobs, children, home and caregiving, all the more, in my opinion, with mega-storms happening it seems several times a year. And everyday folks experience loss and confusion in a way they’ve never felt before. I know because I did.

So, it is my sincerest hope, goal, passion, desire (call it what you will) is to provide you, dear caregiver, with a place where you can come to not only for information but also for comfort. I’d like this to be your soft spot for when your caregiving world gets a little too tough. 

I sincerely hope it is.