Caregiver's Corner

Taking time to care for ourselves is not selfish!

In fact, it is one of the most unselfish things we can do and not just for ourselves but for the ones that we are caring for. Seriously, how can we expect to have the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy necessary to care for another when we are not running on empty? The answer is — we can’t. Think about it this way — our hearts pump blood to itself first before pumping to the rest of the body. What does that tell us?

ESSENTIAL OILS  One way we can take care of ourselves is through the use of essential oils. Essential oils are so beneficial for so many things but none more than providing us with the feeling of peace, sense of being and of being grounded. Essential oils are comprised of volatile compounds, which “evaporate quickly at room temperature.” *   When “an aroma is inhaled, it travels to the olfactory system by way of the olfactory nerve so that it can be processed. The olfactory system is connected to the limbic system, a part of the brain where our emotions and memories are stored.”** (*The doTerra Essential Oil Chemistry Handbook by David K. Hill, D.C./**DoTerra Ebook: Emotional Benefits of Aromatherapy)

The process literally takes seconds and you feel the benefits.

Want to learn more?  

We can set up an appointment.

To do that, please  either email me at call me at (929) 276-2109.

The class can either be a 1:1 essentials oil class or, if you know others who’d also like to know about natural solutions to everyday issues, it can be a class designed specifically for you and your friends. 



Unless someone has walked in our shoes, they don’t understand, They don’t. As such, family caregiver feels lonelier and more cut off than before trying to share with the co-worker, friend or family member. So, we isolate, which only makes matters worse.

So, another way we can take care of ourselves in to talk to someone who understands, someone who has been there. It can a pastor, a rabbi, a dear friend who won’t judge and if you don’t have or can’t find anyone in your life that you can talk to, you can always reach out to me. 

We can arrange a time for you to discuss whatever issues are uppermost in your mind.


To set up an appointment, please email me at or call at (929) 276-2109.

MIND/BODY PRACTICES  Practices such as yoga, deep breathing, and meditation can be indispensable. Below are clips of various practices (conducted by certified yoga instructors).